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Teachers, you deserve more money, joy and freedom.

Let's Journey Together!

From Exhaustion to Empowerment: Rediscover Joy in the Classroom!

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Hey there, fellow teachers! 


Are you tired of being bogged down by lesson planning, grading, and all the other joys of teaching? It's time to shake things up and discover the thrill of building a successful side hustle.


Your Companion Guide is here to help you explore entrepreneurial mindsets, discover your passions, and build a side hustle plan that brings you both joy and financial stability. 


So go ahead, slide your lesson plans aside and DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE COMPANION GUIDE NOW. You deserve to have some fun and make some extra cash on the side. Plus, we'll plant a tree for every download (added bonus you can feel good about)!

Don't wait any longer to start building the career and life you deserve.

Join us and start reaping the rewards today.

Meet Sybil

Entrepreneurial Strategist & Coach



I'm Sybil Hall, an entrepreneurial strategist, and coach specializing in helping educators like you build wealth and joy through a side hustle they love.


As a former teacher myself, I understand the challenges and opportunities that come with building a side hustle while maintaining a career in education. That's why I use holistic approaches and customized coaching to help you fine-tune your skills, create a solid business plan, and earn the income you deserve.


With my guidance, you'll be able to build connections, make a greater impact, and achieve the freedom and fulfillment you've always dreamed of. So if you're ready to turn your career dreams into reality, let's start working together today!

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Your path towards making your dreams a reality begins today!

Becoming an Innovative Entrepreneur Experience

Bring your side hustle alive in this 6 week course!

Join a small group of entrepreneurial women to ignite your passion and make it a reality!

Fireside Collective

Let Sybil be your guide as you  transform your dreams into a thriving business plan!

1-1 Coaching

Forest Path

"Sybil is so calm, organized and facilitates at a wonderful pace. She guides and motivates you to explore yourself and your business in a way that builds resilience and motivation."

- Meri-Li

"Becoming an Innovative Entrepreneur is a truly beneficial course for anyone looking at transitioning into another career. The course provides a very methodical approach to planning the steps to transition, while helping participants analyze their passions.

- Jen

"Sybil was responsive and attentive throughout the course, offering resources and guidance as requested or needed by the group to help shape and guide our individual journeys. I felt supported, validated, and inspired in ways I have not experienced in a long time."

- Monica

Your Path Towards Making Your Dreams a Reality Begins Today.

What I Specialize In

Practical & Holistic Strategies

Fine Tuning Skillsets

Making Future Dreams a Reality

Designing & Creating a Business

Building Community & Belonging

Imagine if…

  • You had more time to pursue your passions and hobbies

  • You felt more fulfilled and satisfied with your work and home life

  • You had the tools and strategies to manage stress and improve your well-being

  • You had the confidence and support to take risks and try new things

  • You were able to make a positive impact on the world through your teaching and personal actions

  • You build a profitable (and scalable) side hustle bringing in extra income

  • You could plant a tree just by downloading Sybil’s free companion guide

Becoming an Innovative Entrepreneur Companion Guide.png

Our Mission and Promise

Together, we're creating a vibrant community where teachers can aim high and craft their own future. We're committed to giving teachers what they need to feel fantastic, increase their wealth, find what makes their hearts sing, and even kick-start a side hustle. We're not just a service; we're a partner in elevating the lives of teachers.

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