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The Wealth &
Well-Being Collective

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Are you a teacher looking to pursue your passions, improve your well-being, and bring in extra income?

The Wealth & Well-Being Collective is built just for you!


🌞🎵 Imagine having more time to pursue your passions and hobbies.

🤩🏠 Imagine feeling fulfilled and satisfied with your work and home life.

🧘‍♀️🛌 Imagine having the tools and strategies to manage stress and improve your well-being.

💪🚀 Imagine having the confidence and support to take risks and try new things.

🌍💫 Imagine positively impacting the world through your teaching and personal actions.

💰💸 Imagine building a profitable side hustle and bringing in extra income.

This interactive, online experience is led by a former teacher who has succeeded with nine different side hustles while teaching and has now transitioned into full-time entrepreneurship helping you make your dreams come true. 


In this experience, you will learn how to build the future you want for yourself, question things and be open to new experiences, use failure as feedback to move closer to your goals, innovate and develop new skills, and take action toward your vision and goals. You will also build an action plan to create wealth and joy in your life!


The program includes 3C’s:

  • Coaching: Personalized one-on-one coaching through voice messaging (WhatsApp) or Screen recordings (Videos to your Inbox) 🤗🎥

  • Course: Self-paced, experiential blended learning, with short, engaging videos, clear guides leading you through the exercises, printable and fillable workbook, and pacing trackers 📖📹

  • Community: A private community of like-minded educators, providing accountability, connections, and inspiration 🤝💭


🚀 Don't miss out on this opportunity to build a profitable side hustle and achieve your career and financial goals.

Juan Diego

What I love about this course is that it isn't a course that you just get and leave on the shelf to collect dust. Sybil guides you through it!


I am always reflecting on my own. In the shower, as I lie awake in bed at night, as I am cooking, or on a walk. This course created more structure for me to reflect and the time and space to dedicate to moving from just thoughts to action


Becoming an Innovative Entrepreneur is a truly beneficial course for anyone looking at transitioning into another career. The course provides a very methodical approach to planning the steps to transition while helping participants analyze their passions. Sybil does a remarkable job presenting the material with engaging videos, activities and feedback throughout the course. I would highly recommend this course.
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