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🧘‍♀️35 Teacher Well-Being Lessons Revealed

I wanted to share with you the latest updates on my book, Burn Bright, Not Out - 35 Lessons that Cultivate Teacher Well-Being. As you might know, writing this book has been a challenging yet transformational experience for me.

It all started when I realized I didn't know how to care for myself while being a teacher and instructional coach for over two decades. I really didn’t know myself; I was a giver to everyone else first!

The pandemic led me to make the decision to change that. I started to get to know myself and began to capture my transformation across the seasons in the beautiful Belgian forest. This transformation turned into my book teaching educators how to prioritize their well-being while doing what they love. Little did I know that this book would be the beginning of my new career as an entrepreneur too. It has been a multi-year journey that I am so grateful to be on it.

Writing a book was never on my bucket list, and as someone who struggled with dyslexia, it was a daunting task. However, with the help of Azul Terronez at Authors Who Lead and my trusty revision partner, ChatGPT, I am making it through the most challenging part: the revision and editing process. Azul helped me write my first draft in 30 days, and ChatGPT helped me revise, find the seasonal structure, name stories, and even strengthen the book's overall theme.

This book has taught me how to care for myself while doing what I love, and I can't wait to share it with you. It's not quite ready yet, but when it is, it will inspire you to find yourself, learn to care for yourself FIRST, and transform your life too!

Thanks for being a great friend and supporting me through this journey.

Take care,


P.S., Are you using ChatGPT too? Comment below to let me know how you are making ChatGPT a partner in your life!

P.P.S., I’m looking for pre-launch team members; if that’s you, email me to let me know at!

BTW - ChatGPT wrote these subject lines for this email. Which one would you have picked?

  1. Behind-the-Scenes of My Book

  2. Teacher Well-Being Lessons Revealed

  3. From Dyslexia to Published Author

  4. How ChatGPT Helped Me Write

  5. My Journey to Writing a Book

  6. Transforming Teaching with Self-Care

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