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A Stoic Twist to Building Wealth – It's About More Than Money!

Can you imagine your wealth as a lush, vibrant ecosystem instead of just a number in the bank?

What if we considered our experiences, relationships, and learnings invaluable parts of our personal wealth?

As I read the Daily Stoic each morning, I notice a striking correlation between its teachings and my own personal journey. The emphasis on focusing on what's within our control and discovering wealth beyond material possessions has deeply resonated with me.

Flashback to 17 years ago, when I kick-started a side hustle teaching night classes at the local university. My motive? To balance doing what I love (teaching kids) and spending time with my soon-to-be-born baby. Fast forward to now, I am teetering on the edge of semi-retirement at 50. The dream?

Breathing in the tranquility of the Colorado mountains half the year and soaking up the charm of Portugal or Panama for the rest (still figuring out the latter!).

Over the years, I've realized my wealth extends way beyond finances. It's also about the rich experiences from my travels, the heart-warming tradition of giving as a family, and the deep-rooted friendships that keep me grounded.

This summer, we're adding a fun twist to our wealth-building journey - Travel Hacking! We managed to grab round-trip tickets for our daughter to AZ and Brussels for a mere $400 and my husband's Fiji trip - completely FREE! All thanks to killer credit card deals.

If you're intrigued by introducing Travel Hacking into your wealth-building journey, feel free to use this credit card referral link. Just remember to maintain balance by clearing your credit card debts each month. Oh, and by the way, they're currently offering 60,000 Free miles!

So, let's shift our perspective on wealth-building. It's not solely about financial gains but also about cherishing experiences, nurturing relationships, and seeking wisdom.

What do you say? Shall we embark on this journey together this summer?

Here's to cultivating our wealth ecosystems together,


PS: In this blog post, we explored:

🌳 Holistic wealth-building: It's about more than money – embracing rich experiences, deep relationships, and continuous learning.

📚 Stoic wisdom on wealth: True wealth lies in internal goods and focusing on what's within our control.

🎒 My personal journey: Balancing personal dreams and professional commitments through adaptation and planning.

✈️ Travel Hacking: Unlocking new experiences through strategic credit card rewards.

💭 Reflection time: How can you nurture your own diverse wealth ecosystem?

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