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Burn Bright, Not Out’s Book Launch Team

I would be honored to have you join Burn Bright, Not Out’s Book Launch Team!

Join here >>><<<.

Launch Team Members can purchase the ebook for only $.99 during a promotional period in exchange for a verified review on Amazon. This strategy will help get the book in more educators' hands on its birthday, August 14th, and beyond!

Together with my self-care journal, I continue to read the Daily Stoic, do yoga with SarahBeth, meditate with, and ground daily.

If you aren’t familiar with grounding, I recommend watching the documentary, The Earthing Movie, on YouTube or Netflix.

The practice of grounding for humans involves connecting with the Earth's energy, which is believed to provide various benefits, such as reducing stress, improving sleep, promoting physical well-being, and enhancing overall mental and emotional balance.

I ground outside daily as the weather allows but have also enjoyed my indoor mat on our bed.

These techniques have been a game changer keeping me balanced as I navigate the intrigues of releasing my first book, consulting internationally (both in person and virtually, and building a community membership for you (launching after the book).

That’s a lot of new things, right?

Some days I have higher anxiety than others as I have learned to self-promote and become a businesswoman uncomfortably. So I rely heavily on these techniques to maintain my well-being.

Behind the scenes, I still have a pretty expensive hobby (as my business coach would say), but these launches will soon move me into full business mode.

Thanks for being an early follower and fan!

If you haven’t already, I would love for you to join the book’s launch team and help me promote the book. The more teachers, the better. Burnout is happening at alarming rates.

Think of the Back to School season as the perfect time to gift the book to a favorite teacher in your life!

Your support means the world to me! Thanks in advance!

Sign up at >>><<<

Kind regards,


PS. Listen in to hear Azul, and I explore the transformative power of writing and the journey behind my book, Burn Bright, Not Out: 35 Lessons That Cultivate Teacher Well-Being.

Please note that some links in this email are affiliate links. I only recommend items that I use and love myself!

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