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📊How I Earned $67,251.93 on the Side in 2022: A Breakdown of My Income Streams

You asked, and you shall receive.

Last week I shared my 2022 Income Report with this fun little vertical video on YouTube, Social Media, and here in my weekly email.

I was vulnerable and shared actual numbers, and I am so glad I did!

Analyzing my own data was transformational. Just like it is when we slow down and do it with our student data, right?

This simple act has helped me develop many insights for the next steps in my offerings to you, teacher friend.

But all of my excitement led me to a big mistake, too. I was so excited about what I saw that I dove face-first into building an 11-day Becoming Financially Fit Challenge just for you.

Building the challenge wasn’t my mistake, but the urgency I felt to get it to you was!

Don’t worry; I am still building it. It’s going to be EPIC and super valuable for educators like yourself. You will just have to wait a little bit for its release.

I am thankful that I caught my mistake and am failing forward.

My mistake had to do with the speed at which I felt that I needed to deliver this challenge to you. I wanted it to roll out yesterday! 😨

I started working day and night until I woke up on Sunday morning to an awakening after a nightmare.

I realized that I wasn’t practicing what I preach, work-life balance. And I got physically sick.

I realized that I needed to know more about your needs so it can be genuinely transformational when it goes live.

I realized that I needed time to launch and promote it.

On the other hand, I took action immediately in building it, which gave me the confidence to put together a helpful resource that will change lives!

I also had a transformation in seeing the big picture of my message.

Yes! My tagline is that I help teachers build wealth and joy.

The Becoming Financially Fit Challenge will teach you how to build wealth while you still do what you love, teaching! I will teach you how I created multiple streams of steady income. Yay! I can’t wait.

With my book, which will teach you how to find more joy and work-life balance in your life, it will be a match made in heaven!

This challenge and book need to be launched together and strategically! 🤯

While you must wait for the challenge, I will continue being vulnerable and sharing my numbers and expertise in building multiple income streams with you here in the email, on my YouTube channel, and here on my blog.

Multiple income streams bring me the wealth and joy I deserve, and you deserve it too!

I am so grateful that you are on this journey with me! 🙏

So, let’s look at a breakdown of the $67,251.93 that I earned on the side of teaching in 2022.

55% of the total ($37,252) came from the property we rent as a short-term rental on Airbnb.

21% of the total ($14,000) came from International Educational Consulting.

15% of the total ($9999.96) came from dividends in the stock market.

9% of the total ($5999.97) came from online mentoring and coaching.

What’s really interesting about all the income streams is that each month brings in a different amount. It’s unlike a teaching salary when you receive the same pay for 12 months a year. That’s a real advantage to your career choice, by the way.

My monthly side hustle income fluctuated from $2148 in April to $11,896.20 in December. That’s a big difference!

This is not a problem, just something to know as you jump into the world of multiple income streams!

You might be wondering…

How does she track all of this income?

How does she plan on increasing these numbers in 2023?

How did she maintain a work-life balance while teaching and hustling?

While I can’t answer all of these questions in this blog post, I want to share a copy of my Side Hustle Tracker with you.

It’s super simple but super helpful (to me, anyway)!

As sharing is caring and teachers love to share with their teacher friends, do me a favor, and share this link to this blog post. Encourage your friends to get on my email list by downloading the Free Becoming an Innovative Entrepreneur Companion Guide so they, too, can benefit from my offerings.

PS- I love answering your questions. Ask me anything by replying to this email (I will answer), posting your question in my free Facebook group, or setting up a Free 1-1 coaching call with me to discuss how I can further assist you on your journey!

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