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🐶Paws for Presence: Exercises to Improve Your Work-Life Balance

Hey there! In our last chat, we talked about how having a pet can help you chill out and appreciate the small things in life.

Now, let's get into some exercises to help you and your students be more present and mindful daily.

First, take a sec to think about your own "guardian of presence." Who or what in your life makes you feel happy and loved?

Then have your students think about their own pets or animals and write about a time when they were totally in the moment with them.

Remember, being present with your furry friends can help you be more focused and productive in all areas of your life, including work and relationships.

So, try these exercises when you're feeling overwhelmed or disconnected.

And hey, if you don't already have a pet, maybe it's time to consider adopting one. They can be a constant reminder to slow down and enjoy the present moment.

Watch here!

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