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Reconnecting and Sharing a Special Memory 🌟

I recently looked back on running memorable morning meetings in grade 6 when Tricia Mowat and I shared a homeroom of students while we also coached teachers part-time at the International School of Brussels. Those moments were truly unique. It made me wonder—how often do teachers get the chance to lead morning meetings together? It was indeed a special time.

One of my personal highlights from those days was our "JUST LIKE ME" game. Imagine awkward 11-12-year-olds trying to keep a straight face while secretly enjoying our social-emotional learning activities.

Speaking of well-being and belonging, I came across a video that great folks at the ISB produced two years ago, which brought back wonderful memories. Watch the 1-minute video >>>HERE<<< or by clicking the images below.

"Social-emotional learning needs to be at the forefront of everything we do. It offers students an opportunity to practice life skills that are not only foundational to academic achievement but also to happiness in everyday life.


Wellness flourishes within my students and me when we...


Get outdoors. Nature inspires us to be our best selves. Whether it's a coaching session, a quick walk, or an organized game outside the outdoors, heal and nurture the soul.


Focus on relationships. Humans are wired for interpersonal connections. We need to practice communicating, cooperating, and negotiating in real-time within many different contexts.


Choose happiness, mindfulness, and savoring joy takes practice and intention. Delight can be found in meditation, authentic learning, and laughter.


More infectious than a virus is our energy. Choose to be a gift to someone else every day.

What's fascinating is that this seemingly simple game, "JUST LIKE ME," taught me a profound lesson about creating an environment of belonging.

In "JUST LIKE ME," someone would share something they liked or cared about, and if you felt the same way, you'd say, "JUST LIKE ME," and spin in a circle. It was not only fun but also great for the brain!

Nowadays, I'm not in the classroom full-time anymore. Instead, I've embraced a new journey after being a classroom teacher (Grades PK-6) and an instructional coach at several prestigious international and US public schools for 23 years. I'm now a global literacy strategist, collaborating with Erin Kent Consulting and a mentor in innovative pedagogy with the Modern Classrooms Project.

Additionally, I have the privilege of helping educators find balance and well-being through my online business and debut book, Burn Bright, Not Out 35 Lessons that Cultivate Teacher Well-being. I am glad that you are on this journey with me!

You can find my book on Amazon and get more information at

Burn Bright, Not Out is all about social-emotional learning for us adults; we call it well-being. We can learn these skills to serve ourselves better and support our students more effectively when we show up for them as our best selves.

Let's join hands in building an online community where all teachers are not just invited but truly belong.

Warm regards,


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