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Tidy Up Exercises

These exercises promote organization and productivity through goal setting, tracking progress, and reflection on the impact on focus and productivity.

If you haven't already, read the Tidy Up story!

For you:

1. Set a goal to tidy up a specific area in your home or workspace daily for a week. This could be your desk, closet, or room.

2. Track your progress by taking a before and after photo each day. Reflect on how you feel before and after tidying up and how it has impacted your focus and productivity.

For students:

1. Create a "Tidy Up" song or chant for the class to sing or say before transitioning to a new activity or subject. Encourage students to participate in the tidying-up process by assigning specific tasks to different students or creating a rotation system.

2. Create a "Tidy Up" challenge for the class. Each day, students can work on tidying up a specific area in the classroom (such as their desk or shared space) and track their progress by taking a before and after photo. At the end of the week, have a class discussion about the benefits of tidying up and how it has impacted their focus and productivity. Encourage students to continue the habit in their personal lives as well.

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