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Ready to take control of your career and start building a side hustle that brings you more wealth and joy?

Join us on a journey of self-discovery and innovation!

You are in the right place! Welcome!

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Wealth & Well-Being Collective

Join like-minded teachers in building the present and future of their dreams.

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Fireside Collective

Join a small, private community of entrepreneurs, and coaches to build successful businesses together.


*By interview only

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1-1 Coaching

Unlock your entrepreneurial potential with 1-1 coaching. Sign up for a free initial consultation to see how personalized coaching can benefit you.

Become part of the global movement of entrepreneurs

and watch as your financial future transforms before your eyes. With hard work, determination, and proper guidance, there's no limit to what you can achieve as a teacher and an entrepreneur.

Join the winter cohort of Becoming an Innovative Entrepreneur Experience!

I am SO glad I said YES to joining this course. Looking at how it has changed my thinking and the future of my business... Thank you! You are offering something very special by adding in mindfulness, gratitude, and organizational tips. It was not just "content". There was a real "heart" in the course design as well.


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